Optical Designer

Welcome to Esco's Optical Design Work Center. This work center is designed to aid Esco customers, technicians, engineers, students, and industry professionals. By clicking on the link(s) below users gain access to conversion tools and charts. Furthermore, they can purchase catalog optics or design custom optics that Esco can quote and manufacture. Esco will be continually updating this calculator to increase the functionality and expand the scope of available utilities. We welcome your comments and suggestions!

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If you are looking for plano-convex lenses, bi-convex lenses, or windows, Esco may already offer a catalog optic that meets your needs. By hovering over and/or clicking on the plotted specifications (represented as bullets) in the Catalog Part Graphs, you will reveal details on Esco’s available catalog optics.

For components not listed in the Esco Catalog Part Graphs, the user can submit a custom quotation form and our sales team will address your specific requirements immediately.

Where refractive index is required, common types are accessible using pull down menus. If there is a specific glass type or refractive index needed, you can find it on our master glass reference page.

Calculator Units and Sign Convention

Dimensional units are not needed unless they are required. With the exception of alpha and beta angles, which are in arc minutes, angular units are in degrees. Please note convex and concave sign conventions. The calculation accuracies are better than 16 significant digits, although less are shown in the display windows for screen space purposes.

Esco Equation Calculator

It is possible to enter an equation for an input. Simply start the entry with an equal (=) sign in any field. For those that are familiar with excel, it is much like entering a formula into a spreadsheet.